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Xylem Handmade basses 1

Xylem Handmade basses

Xylem custom basses are sick! Check them out: Fretless Six String Bass Body – Mahogany core, walnut/sapele/maple top Neck – Maple, 34″ scale length Fingerboard – Pau Ferro Nut – Ebony Weight – 8.1...

rebel bass 1

Star Wars bass..

It is a cheese play on words, but it is still an awesome looking bass guitar. The Star Wars “Rebel Bass.”

My new obsession… frettedless bass 0

My new obsession… frettedless bass

So fretted less clearly is not a word, but it most certainly is a unique kind of bass. I have read about a couple of solution, many of them involving homemake improvisation. Check out...

Awesome upright bass solo.. Adam Ben Ezra 0

Awesome upright bass solo.. Adam Ben Ezra

This guy is really amazing. He plays a percussive style of bass and records all his own stuff sola. About the 2:10 spot he gets crazy. Thanks Adam. Check out the web site:...

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 10.52.50 AM 2

Greyhoundcaster Bass Guitar

Tony Cochran is a custom guitar/bass maker. This bass is made from a a Greyhound bus that ran off the road in 1951. Tony Cochran Customs web site: Tony’s Site Check out the page...